Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Pups get to meet some of my friends

After having 13 puppies I was tired, tired, tired.  I knew that I had to take care of my pups like a good mama and was happy to have  Carrie and Lu there to help me out.

Lu had young ECAD volunteer Alex and his sisters come over to meet my pups. Socialization on the pups starts within hours of being born.

This is important so that the pups get comfortable with having people handle them so when they do start training at 7 weeks they are comfortable with there human trainers.

Carrie,  aka my midwife , spent lots of time with me and my pups. She would touch their ears and their feet and their toes to get them use to having them touched.

 With the pups eyes open they start to become more active. Phewww they keep me on my toes!

Shortly after my pups eyes are open they get their first experience wearing a service dog vest. They are very proud of them! (Even is they are made out of soft felt )

Until next time this is Mama Shiloh signing off!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The day has come

So there I was early Christmas Eve Morning...This has to be the day I thought to myself...

[Shiloh was showing all the signs that this was the day ,the whelping box was ready and midwife Carrie was ready to assist. Now we just had to Wait.]


Shiloh says:
"Something tells me there is more then Uno about to happen."

Finally my babies started to arrive to greet the world! I was a very good mom making sure to clean them as soon as they arrived!

After many many hours all of my puppies had arrived , 13 in all, all puppies were strong and healthy!

Phew Just reminiscing about that day is exhausting... till next time Mama Shiloh... signing off!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Before I begin my story I wanted to share a wonderful article that our very own Patricia Roberts wrote about me and my first two litters. As you will see, they are very very different!